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Suitable for:

S & R
Defence Force
Merchant Navy
Oil/Gas Workers
Life Rafts
Bush Tours
Bush Walking

“The most valuable benefit of Seasafe is the ability to respond immediately to non-critical alarms at vessel level without involving National Search & Rescue Resources”.

Price for transmitter beacon, the yellow one worn on belt or arm, is just $ 350 NZ including GST and freight to anywhere in New Zealand.

The Receiver, and aerials are just $ 1,800 including GST including freight anywhere in New Zealand.

We offfer a discount to Dive clubs, Sailing clubs and to Coast Guard members.

These units are ideal for man over board. diving, even tramping. How many times have you been on a tramp and had to go looking for the others !.

To get a bulk discount quote for your dive club or boat, please e-mail us at Your request will be promptly replied to the next day.

HIRING : We have been asked to supply a few of these for hire to test and evaluate the units, and for those who would like a beacon of thier own, but find the reciever a bit expensive to own. With advance notice, we can usually supply a reciever and four beacons for testing and hire use.

The charge vairies acording to freight, but in general, the hire itself is $ 35 per weekend. To hire a set, please e-mail us at, be sure to book a week ahead.

Seasafe System Overview

Seasafe has been developed in response to growing international demand for a ‘self-contained’ and ‘stand-alone’ marine tracking & location system.

The Seasafe personal tracking and location system has been successfully developed over a period of four years and enjoys the support of a range of marine search & rescue organisations and major international maritime and outdoor pursuit industry players.
Designed primarily as a marine based system, Seasafe may be employed in any land or marine based activity or pursuit whereby a person may become lost or find themselves in distress and requiring assistance.

Seasafe is a ‘personal’ system whereby each individual carries their own tracking device on their person. Comprising a personal transmitter, a receiver and an antenna, Seasafe is a technologically advanced and affordable aid to rescue. The Seasafe transmitter may be manually activated or automatically activated upon submersion in water and may continue to transmit for up to seven days after activation.

Seasafe does not rely on national or international search and rescue networks and coordination authorities to initiate a rescue. Seasafe enables rescues to be undertaken at the ‘time & place’ that they occur without unnecessarily long and often inaccurate delays in response. The system is fully self-contained and stand-alone.

The Seasafe system has achieved the following transmission ranges:

  • Water to boat Up to 30 km’s
  • Water to base station with 15m high antenna Up to 40 km’s
  • From water to aircraft at 1500m Up to 100 km’s
Typical Seasafe Applications
Marine Non-Marine
  • Recreational boating and fishing
  • Charter fishing operators
  • Scuba diving
  • Yacht charters
  • Competitive yachting
  • OEM (Boat Manufacturers)
  • Commercial fishing & diving
  • Search and rescue authorities
  • Defence Force Naval fleets
  • Merchant Navy
  • Off-shore oil and gas platform workers
  • Aircraft life-jacket and life-rafts
  • National Park tours
  • Farmers
  • Jackeroos
  • Aviation
  • 4WD touring
  • Bush walking
  • Skiing
  • Micro light pilots
  • Hot air balloonists
  • Hiking
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